Find your way back to a state of balance.

Welcome to Mindful Body Treatment

In the new millennium it is beyond dispute that your health and wellbeing is important for your everyday life.

At Mindful Body Treatment we give you the opportunity to design your own wellbeing program combining wonderfully relaxing massage-sessions of delightful body- and facial massage, topped up with some inspiring motivational ideas, and if need be, easy body and facial exercises.

This is not a quick fix! We will work together to be sure that you have managed to incorporate your new wellbeing habits in your everyday life.

At Mindful Body Treatment we care about how you feel and look.

Individual massage treatments are of course available, but for long term results we recommend signing up for a series of wellbeing sessions.

To learn how to handle everyday stress and live a fuller life by focusing on "now" instead of "what might be", or "what was", participate in one of our Mindfulness courses.

Don't delay - it is your life.

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Carol Reinholdt