Find your way back to a state of balance.


Massage has been used for centuries in different cultures throughout the world. Hippocrates (ca. 460 BC – 370 BC) suggested that doctors should use massage to cure certain ailments. In the 19th century the Swede Per Henrik Ling created the massagesystem which today is known as Swedish Massage. Mr Ling wanted to create a massage technique which copied the movements of the swedish gymnastics and other forms of physical training to stimulate the bloodcirculation, strenghten the muscles and create a better balance between the muscles and the skeleton.
Massage is known to influence both physical and emotional factors such as improving the lymphatic flow and the bloodcirculation as well as preventing the muscles from ”knotting up”. It also has a certain influence on the secretion of hormones.Massage will alleviate tension in the muscles and swelling due to poor circulation of lymphatic fluids. It can also be used as a softening and relaxing treatment for overall wellbeing.

Face-lifting Massage

A Face-lifting Massage treatment starts with your outermost skin layer, the epidermis, and the connective tissue receiving a feather-light, gentle and relaxing massage. Your skin will become more vibrant and get a healthier look. 
The treatment will then continue with a slightly deeper massage of the muscles in your face, your scalp, your neck and the upper shoulder-section. 
Your face has now become more relaxed, more symmetrical and lively and you therefore look younger. 
After an hour´s gentle and relaxing facial massage, you will experience a feeling of well-being in your whole body and see results in your face. 
We usually recommend a series of 6 treatments to get the full benefit of this wonderfully relaxing and soothing massage.


Reflexology, also called zone therapy, is based on the idea that each organ or body part is represented on the feet (and hands and ears) and that pressing on specific areas of the feet (hand or ears) can have a therapeutic effect on the corresponding organs.

In the West reflexology began to emerge in the 19th century but archeological evidence points to ancient use, i.e. in Egypt, China, and Japan.

Mindfulness Seminars

Give your mind a break. Allow yourself to de-stress. 
Mindfulness is moment to moment awareness. It is being fully awake. It involves being here for the moments of our lives, without striving or judging. It is about “now”. 
Yesterday is history, tomorrow is a mystery, today is a gift, that is why we call it “the present”. 
This awareness is the feeling we experience when we first become aware of something, before we conceptualize it, identify it, objectify it, think about it and name it. When we prolong the initial moment of awareness, we are being mindful. Mindfulness is non-judgmental observation, observation without criticism, an ability to see things as they naturally are without preconceived ideas. 
In our Mindfulness Seminars we will give you the tools necessary to survive in a stressful world and to connect with your inner self.