Find your way back to a state of balance.

Mindfulness Workshop

Course Length:

12 Hours (8 x 1.5 hours)


Course Description:

Over the course of eight Thursdays you will be guided through various mindfulness meditation practices including body-scan, as well as eating, walking and sitting meditations.


Who Should Attend?

Adults who want to find their way back to a state of balance and learn techniques to handle everyday stress.



This course will give you the tools to manage the anxiety caused by juggling a myriad of tasks as well as coping with the pressures of daily life.


Anxiety management and pain relief management are essentials for a happy and productive life.


Having the support of a group makes it easier to commit to ourselves and our quest to lead a more balanced life.


“Don’t cry over the past, it’s gone.

Don’t stress about the future, it hasn’t arrived.

Live in the present and make it beautiful.”







How much?

Only $299.00 for 8 sessions plus $20.00 + tax for work book and CD


Daily practice at home is an important part of the course and those who commit to a little practice every day will benefit the most from participating in the course.

“The goal is to enjoy life in the present moment."

For more information and/or to register:



Carol Reinholdt

Telephone: 604 220 8539